Emmanuelle Chriqui Birthday

Look who has a birthday coming up just around the corner, our super babe Emmanuelle Chriqui!

I wonder what a girl with all the beauty in the world, could want for her birthday? Probably Mr right! Where do i sign up?

Emmanuelle Chriqui Sunglasses

Feast your eyes on this photo of Emmanuelle Chriqui strolling down the sidewalk while sporting a pair of super sexy aviator style sunglasses, which matches her outfit perfectly!

I was hoping somebody could tell me what brand of sunglasses she is wearing in this photo.

Please comment below.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Perfect Body Measurements

There are merely a handful of sensationally stunning starlets, with the absolute most pristine bodies in show business, and I'm proud to say Emmanuelle Chriqui is one of the proud owners of said slammin' physique, and shes not afraid to show it off either.

And a few web searches revealed her body measurements to be 34-23-33. Now if that isn't the ideal shape, i don't know what is...

She can be my genie in a bottle any day of the week, except on Sundays, because that's my day of praise!

Emmanuelle Chriqui Bra Size

Ever since Emmanuelle Chriqui broke onto the scene and faced the glaring light lime, she has been the topic of debate, more specifically her bust has been the center of discussion.

It started with whether or not her breasts are real, and then it was how big is her bra size? So for the record i just wanna say that i personally believe that she is a 32C. All natural to boot!

What say you, Emmanuelle Chriqui fans?

Emmanuelle Chriqui Plastic Surgery (Breast Implants)

I guess everyone has heard the rumors about Emmanuelle Chriqui and her alleged breast implants?

I personally think she has the most amazingly natural breast, with a combination of perfect size, which is perhaps the reason many people speculate if she had a boob job.

Please give some feedback on the topic of plastic surgery and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

However i think we already know the answer to these outrageous plastic surgery rumors. False!

Emmanuelle Chriqui Hairstyles

Is it just me or does Emmanuelle Chriqui has the must beautiful black hair in all of show business.

Whether shes rocking long flowing curls or a sexy updo hairstyle, she seems to always be looking fabulous with her black hair.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Hairstyles.